Thursday, October 6, 2011

incredible industrial office space

Although I enjoy working from home most of the time, I would give my right arm to have an amazing office space here in NY.

The good news is, I found the space that I want- FULLY FURNISHED. The bad news is, it's also FULLY OCCUPIED by the New York design firm Roman and Williams. haha A man is allowed to dream, no?

Obsessed! I take it back, I would give my right and left arm for this space!

Love y'all,



  1. wow! i would love to work there even if it is very manly.

  2. You are one lucky guy. I can not dream of working in such a place. I here office space for rent in NY are not easily available and are very costly. Is it true?

  3. Awesome! It doesn’t look like some common office setup. It looks more like a home office. They really did a good job designing their own firm! Thanks for sharing!

    Hubert Cole @ Pear Workplace Solution