Monday, June 28, 2010

Party Barn!

Hey ya'll... put on your cowboy boots and... wait.... more like kick off your shoes and stay a while!

Erin Martin designed this space and termed it a "party barn", but we would rather refer to it as a rustic paradise! The first picture with the bull-skulls we could stare at all day.... and we love the surprising 'pop' of the blue-washed walls at the entrance into the open loft lounge area.

We hope you are as inspired as we are... for more inspiration and information about Erin, follow this link!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Design Star 5: Episode 3

On top of the world! haha FOR A MILLISECOND! Welcome to round 3: The "outdoor challenge".... inspired by music? Yeah... it was tough, are you kidding!?!?

Last week we saw Nina and Tera on the chopping block and it was INTENSE! Not sure which gal you wanted to see go home, but I have to agree with the judges' decision on this one!

Tera is a DOLL and although I know she had the talent to go much further in this competition.. this week's challenge was difficult and "the shark got the dolphin" as Emily would put it!

So, the girls learned a HARD lesson and Vern put the fear of God in them to say the least!!! How will they react? What is the boys team thinking? Probably... get me to the next challenge, we're on cloud 9!

As Vern introduces the challenge... we're all engaged, captivated by the scenery... but also staring @ a group of seamingly talented musicians! Is this a joke? Our own private concert with a bird's eye view of Manhattan? Not so fast!!!
Music = inspiration = challenge!

Venetian orange plaster from the color God?
Finger pointing design techniques?
Long stares, deep sighs, and A LOT of sweating!

I'll let the pictures do the talking... The question is, will Nina try to throw anyone under the bus this week??? Not this guy! haha

Enjoy watching Episode 3 of HGTV Design Star Season 5. Sunday @ 10 ET! And don't forget to vote for Dan Faires!!! A little self-promotion never hurt anyone, did it? Love you guys!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Proud to be an American!

Let's face it... Red, white, and blue are TOUGH to pull off in any home decor. But, with World Cup fever heavily upon us and the 4th of July quickly approaching... we MUST show our patriotism! Here are a few "tastefully" patriotic rooms we found from Freshome. Granted they're a bit country... but we like country too as long as it's not gaudy!

Okay, so we snuck a few in there that don't exactly scream "U.S.A.". But who said that subtle hints of patriotism can't be just as appreciated as American flag towels hanging from your oven!

So, congrats to the US Men's team for qualifying 1st in their division... Landon Donovan's goal was inspiring to say the least! In fact, a good buddy of Capsule furniture's has recently received a lot of publicity for his reaction to the game winning goal.. and we feel it's appropriate for our bloggers to enjoy as well! Let us know what you think of Nathan Jones's patriotism!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greg Hatton

Greg Hatton, a man we like to call an Ecolumberjack, a man whose carbon footprint is non-existent or practically invisible. In his own words "I'm utilitarian versus aesthetic, practical environmentalism, functional but beautiful. All my work is constructed of reclaimed materials, found objects, and introduced trees that cause land degradation such as willow, poplar, and hawthorn. A fallen tree given another life, a piece of timber given another use."

We instantly fell head over heals for his designs. Would love to see a Greg Hatton and Daniel Grady Faires collaboration one day! Click here to see more of Greg's beautiful work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just when you think you've seen it all, you come across a very cool design firm that shocks your brain back to believing in the creativity of humans again. Some people really were made to "create." Check out JSPR. The first picture is of their "plastic fantastic" series which is very impressive Victorian chairs made from plastic molds. Our guess is you wouldn't know it was plastic until you touch it. The second pic is of Sylvie Meuffels handmade steel cabinets. We would love to see one of these perched atop a capsule table!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Little Tea Room in London

What a delightful little tea room in London. An eclectic compilation of styles makes for a cozy place to sit and drink from the fountain of youth. Menu written in pink lipstick on the mirror....seriously?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tribute to Dad...

Today is a good day... and although I miss my Dad very much... I'm also VERY THANKFUL for the 24 years God blessed me with an amazing father, friend, and role model.

His sacrifice and dedication to his three boys and his wife were evident in everything Rick Faires did. He never passed up the opportunity to wrap you up TIGHT in his arms, he ALWAYS answered the phone no matter what he was doing, he never lost the child in the man, he loved unconditionally, taught us a "greater" purpose in life, helped us learn from our mistakes, and embraced every one of our friends as his own.

He and my mom worked tirelessly TOGETHER to create a home so full of love and support for their boys.

I see my dad in my brothers and I can't help but smile. His legacy continues because his purpose was based on a strong foundation of love.

Happy father's day dad. I cherish all that you taught me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Design Star Season 5: Episode 2

From white box to fashion show, this week's Episode 2 of Design Star 5 will be PACKED with excitement, drama, and beautiful design... just you wait and see! The first team challenge is guys vs. girls and it's a FIGHT to the finish!!!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite designer and feel free to follow the drama with me as I voice my opinions during the show on my Twitter.

Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow @ 10/9 central on HGTV!

Friday, June 18, 2010

White as a Feather

We have been very into all-white decor for quite some time now, a trend which has been brought to us from Sweden. Right now it may be slightly forward but just you wait and see, we're pretty good at predicting these things; similar to how shag carpet took over the 70's, we think this clean rustic mixed with modern all-white design movement, (not to be confused with shabby chic) is going to make it's way into residences around the U.S. in the next 10 years. (Hey, sometimes these things take time!) Either way, this one will stick for a while because it's actually more classic and timeless than it's trendy counterparts! Love how the subtle rustic elements pop on this white canvas!