Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

As you begin your journey home for Thanksgiving, don't forget to be grateful for all of life's blessings. And, once you arrive, don't forget to FOCUS ON THE F'S!

FOOTBALL (yes, I said it!) GO HOGS!

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! "Gobble till you wobble"!


  1. Felicitations from France on your lovely article in the NYTimes! (Found it in my morning newscrawl ritual.)

    Love the apartment. Love the concept of your furniture. Bravo! Continued prosperity to you both in your endeavors.

  2. Hi there -- I saw the NYTimes piece on ya'll and had to check out your blog.

    Your work and your style are fantastic. And I loved the post about your grandpa's farm. Really touching. My parents still live on my grandpa's farm - spent Thanksgiving there yesterday - and I know how it feels to want to be there from far away.

    Keep up the fantastic work and from a household that sometimes cheers for Tennessee and sometimes cheers for Vanderbilt (depending on the sport - it's complicated), good luck to the Razorbacks against LSU tomorrow.

    Here's to home field advantage! Cheers.

  3. Hope you're ready to be inundated with orders. Nice article in the Times -- loved the apartment and love your aesthetic. Best of luck--