Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple Home - white

Loving the simplicity and SERENITY of these photos from Simple Home.

Which reminds me (totally off the subject) that I found a title for my design style this past weekend: "Junk Style". Although it sounds a bit insulting at first, I began to evaluate my home. 90% of what I own, I either salvaged (which is a cleaner way of saying I dug it out of the trash) or I built out of reclaimed materials (also bound for the dump)! Unfortunately, there is already a book that has claimed the title of this design style. However, I'm happy to embrace it as my own, too! Times are tough, so re-purposing and salvaging has taken on a new meaning for many, which thrills my heart, because that's the way I was raised!

Anyways, enough ranting. Enjoy the rest of your week. For those of you back home in Arkansas, I hope the rare LOAD of snow that was dumped on you last night is an escape from the norm and an excuse to stay bundled up and relax at home with family!


  1. I'm all over the 'junk style'. It's not easy; takes a lot of hours of devotion, scouring, raking, hunting and I love it. Great photos too. Have a great weekend ahead!

  2. Hey Dan, there's a whole Junk CULTURE out there! Mags like JunkMarket Style and FLea Market Style and Shows like JunkMarket, Junk Bonanza, Farm Chicks, Remnants of the Past, 2nd Saturdayz, BarnHouse, etc. (Google 'em!) showcase all kinds of STUFF made from junk!

    We design & create furnishings & home decor accessories from reclaimed & recycled materials, and sell at shows... we invite you to visit our web site at!