Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wide open loft!

It is nice to see a modern loft with character and spunk instead of just a WHITE BOX! I love the industrial feel of this wide open space juxtaposed with rustic elements that help turn this cold apartment into a warm and comfortable home. The layout is simple, the design even more basic. I am obsessed with the exposed structural concrete columns and joists, they add interest, re-enforce the industrial nature of the space and expand the room.

My FAVORITE ROOM IN THE LOFT- the bathroom. I would seriously live in there. It is classy, but not overdone. Normally in a loft like this, people tend to cram the bathroom in a corner to maximize living space. However, it is great to see someone understand and appreciate the value of MAXIMIZING BATHING SPACE!!! What a nice retreat to relax in, and get ready in, everyday.

Photo link here. Photography by: Fran Parente.

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