Friday, March 25, 2011

Chick at dude ranch

Today's inspiration:

Palm Springs Dude Ranch circa 1940. Most of you are probably staring at the tough chick with a cowgirl hat, boots and a gun holster.

I on the other hand am admiring the flagstone porch, the old wood slatted walls, the rough hewn posts and exposed rafters, the screened doors and the simple jelly-jar lights. Question: do you think the two chairs behind the model actually belong there? Perhaps they forgot to remove them after their break for the shoot? I mean, one of them is directly in front of door number 2!

haha... no need to over analyze, but I get inspired by the scenery and can't help but notice the minute details!

Enjoy your weekend. Hallelujah it's FRIIIIIDAAAAY!

Photo courtesy of LIFE.

Love ya'll.



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    Good taste, great blog Capsule, thanks!

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