Friday, May 13, 2011

Italian Barn Renovation

I'm not crazy about the furniture selection, but everything else about this space is incredible. I love how the home is isolated in the middle of a hay field. The old barn has so much character that was well preserved and the finishes they used in the restoration are dead-on. I especially love the repetition in the arched walkways and windows in the main living space.

So, I was a bit confused about why they decided to do these glass panel walls to isolate the bedroom and bath, but after looking a bit closer, I realized that the glass is "tent-able"... meaning if you flip a switch, you have instant privacy! BUT, if you want that open airy feel, like you see in the picture, you can have that too! Pretty great design element for such a wide-open space like this with tons of natural light!

Love y'all! Have a GR8 WEEKEND!


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