Thursday, May 26, 2011

old train depot revived and repurposed

"For almost 100 years, electric generators buzzed in this building on the outskirts of Gstaad, Switzerland." For the past few years it had been vacant and inoperable. That is, until architect Antonie Bertherat-Kioes decided it would be the perfect chalet for her family of six.

Here is the basic layout she decided on for the space. You will see, that instead of trashing the generators that gave this building it's original purpose, she worked them into her design in a very clever way!

The MASSIVE generators would have seemed an eyesore and a waste of space for most. However, by repurposing them, the architect preserved much the character and the history of the building. Now, instead of "looking old and in the way", they seem like they're part of the decor and function of the new home.

love y'all!


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