Monday, June 13, 2011

REDICULOUS Amsterdam townhouse

The design of this space might be in my top 10 so far this year. It's a bit more modern than most stuff that I love, but I think it is well done on many different levels. Aesthetically, there is wonderful balance between darks (mostly woods) and lights (predominantly white walls) which is one of the major reasons why I like it so much.

Sure, some of it is a bit predictable, and I don't really love the kitchen. However, there is great use of color, pattern, texture, warm woods, white walls, stylish furniture, and quirky art & light fixtures in every room.

The designer, Birdman, clearly understands balance, and it is mostly seen in the form of asymmetry. Each room is also comfortably warm and inviting with both masculine and feminine touches.

love y'all!


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