Wednesday, September 28, 2011

aaahhhh... Barn Renovation

This barn renovation in Washington by Shed Architecture is pretty amazing. The architects did an amazing job of taking this existing structure and creating a livable home with great space planning. The open layout and reclaimed wood interior walls pay tribute to the original structure, which I love! I will say, however, that the interior design is the weakest link in these spaces.

Though I feel much of the space is "underdesigned" I also feel that it is "comfy and country", and feels very lived-in. Of course, my favorite room in the house is the bathroom downstairs. So, I saved those photos for last!

This downstairs bathroom takes the cake in this entire home. There is great use of materials (from the concrete floors, to the iron details, to the floating double sinks, the rough reclaimed walls and industrial lights). I could brush my teeth here everyday for the rest of my life, no prob!

Love y'all! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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  1. this is AWESOME! seriously my DREAM home. on 50 acres with a huge garden and lots of chickens :)