Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tolix Chairs

Hey ya'll! I've been seeing the infamous tolix chair all over the place! And I'm not just talking about french bistros here in NY. Are you a fan, or nah?

Since the 30's this chair has been a staple in cafe's in France. And of course, with the industrial interior BOOM, they're now sitting at dining tables across America. The problem with industrial seating is the lack of warmth and comfort, but when used right, these chairs can add instant ambiance to any dining, office, or outdoor space!

The original Tolix manufacturer in France offers them in a number of colors. They are cast steel, so they are definitely a "solid" purchase if you plan on keeping them for a while.
I've also noticed that now DWR and Pottery Barn have them, although the styles are slightly different and the colors not as variable.

I'm a big fan of this vintage looking "mint green" that they offer at Design Within Reach.

Of course, call me old school, but I still love the true vintage Tolix chairs SO MUCH MORE. Like anything vintage, they tell more of a story and create a feeling that no new look-alike can ever interpret.

Of course, the true antique Tolix chairs are hard to find and can cost a pretty penny. But, if you're into the vintage Tolix look (like I am), pick up some newbies, roll up your sleeves and DIY them (a.k.a. beat the tar out of them)! And, send me the video if you do!

Have a great hump-day!

love y'all,

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