Thursday, November 10, 2011

REAL LIFE perspective

Typically I focus on design related inspiration for this blog. Every once in a while I stumble upon a story that isn't necessarily design related, but IS MOST DEFINITELY worth sharing.

I hope this video not only inspires you, but gives you some perspective on life's challenges and how our attitude can change the way we handle "the storms" in life. This sort of positive thinking is EXACTLY what we need more of in a world that can be pretty harsh sometimes. Stay positive and approach each day with confidence and excitement because not only will it help you enjoy a better life, but who knows how many other people it will inspire to do the same.

Next time you run into adversity in your life, don't stress out about it or think about the negative aspects of your situation. Stay positive, fight for what you want, and BE PATIENT (this is the one I struggle with the most). I've learned, though, that BIG THINGS take a lot longer to happen and require more effort and persistence!

Love y'all! Spread the love!


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