Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blamo Toys

New discovery! My wife and I are now obsessed with Blamo toys.

"Rice baby" and "Munch" are our fav's -

With so much reproduction of EVERYTHING in today's world it's VERY REFRESHING to see something creative & unique, no matter what industry it's in.

Spencer Hansen originally founded Blamo in 2007 to create a more organic and enduring species of toys that are designed to outlast fickle fads. Hansen splits most of his time between San Francisco's art scene, Bali, and the mountains of Idaho. He claims he draws inspiration from all over the world, but more specifically from these three areas to create each WONDERFUL specimen.

Spencer Hansen also says, "a good toy design is one you want to touch".

I couldn't agree more. He uses REAL materials (leathers, woods, metals, & glass) that he discovers and collects from all over the world.

And, as if the Blamo Toys aren't creative enough, Hansen also came up with his own line of adult knit onesies that allow fans to embody their favorite characters.

To receive more inspiration and information on Blamo Toys, click here!

Have a great (think outside of the box type of) day.

love y'all!


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