Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charming Broadhurst House

I apologize for neglecting everyone of inspirational photos for the past few days... It's good to be home in Arkansas... but between wedding planning, interviews, catching up with friends and family and dealing with the "buzz of being eliminated" from HGTV's Design Star... my cup OVERFLOWETH! ha

So, this comfy Broadhurst home should hopefully put your soul at ease... I know it has mine! The design seems so effortless and soothing. This is the kind of place that says, "come, kick off your shoes, relax, and throw all of your cares out the window!" Which is a VERY NICE dose of medicine right now.

I will soon be blogging about "life post elimination".... but for now, I'm going to curl up and read a book because my blog has encouraged me to do so.


  1. oh my goodness!! I love your blog!! So glad to have found it. What amazing house/decor photos you have. Hope you don't mind if I post about you sometime.

  2. Make sure you guys follow www.facebook.com/hgtvdesignstar where @danfaires fans voice their opinions and try to convince HGTV to Bring Dan Back. You even get to hear from Dan's pet pig & daughter Trudy. She's a doll. Also, there are Vote @DANFAIRES shirts available. Friend facebook.com/hgtvdesignstar for more details. :-) We vote 10x's a day every day and want Dan Faires to win the fan vote so we can watch him online.

  3. Dan:: In LOVE with the 1st kitchen.. EVERYTHING about it...the subway tile, the commercial stove and range[not sure if it's Viking, but whatever]; the farm sink, the French/glass doors to the terrace; the only thing I would add would be a industrial stainless hood [move the peg rack],and change the slotted plate racks to open shelving. :) I my kitchen dreams you would be the contractor, if you aren't already too famous!!
    [lol] Jen Sanderson [moonjenny]