Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Crazy Bunch!

Down to 9 "YA'LL"!!!

I know... this pic is creepy..... but those TV's that turn off when "your show has been cancelled" as Clive used to put it, have always reminded me of the Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares or something.... Plus, I have to show-off my photoshop skills every once in a while! haha

I apologize ahead of time for any of you who are Brady Bunch lovers.... I am in no way trying to "de-face" their perfect image!

Anyways... what was the point of this blog? oh yeah, DESIGN STAR!!!

Here we go... ROUND 4! Can "the ladies + Dan" (btw... that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) carry our momentum from last challenge into this one?

I had a great time with my girls last week... and although things got a little crazy as it came down to the wire... I think that overall, we worked well as a team! This week may prove to be a little bit more difficult as we move back indoors.... One thing is for sure... the boys have learned a hard lesson about measuring furniture before they buy it, and not to get too bogged down incorporating their "individual" designs without considering how it will work for the overall "team" design.

It's not as easy as it seems, and with STRONG PERSONALITIES, competitive spirits, and a panel of judges who can only evaluate what the finished product looks like... you can bet that YOU'D BETTER FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH OF SPACE you can get!

What'd you say, "there is no 'I' in TEAM? ... " Well, there is DEFINITELY an I in DES'I'GN STAR....

So, if you notice... most of what I've said in the last 3 paragraphs seems to be contradictory... WELCOME TO THE PARTY!

The only true answer to our Reality Design Dilemma .... BALANCE. Which is a loose translation for ...

haha... honest truth... that phrase is the 1 thing that I said on camera during the WHOLE SHOW where I thought to myself "they will DEFINITELY be putting that on TV!"

I can't take credit for "patching" this team back together though... each girl made their own individual contribution to the overall finished space. They learned a lot from the previous challenge... and it was EVIDENT as soon as I stepped onto this team, that they ALL knew what was at stake, and were willing to do what it took to win...... Well, they did it, and I was a proud piece of the puzzle. A good southern gentleman always stands by his lady (or ladies in this case)... haha

Anyway, this week is just as much fun as last... and it "takes me back to my childhood"... which is always a fun trip! You can bet your bottom dollar the boys are ready to redeem themselves, though... so it'll be a FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

Enjoy Episode 4 of Design Star Season 5. I'll be right there on the couch with ya, waiting to see what happens!


  1. That image hurts us folks with an Astigmatism. ;) Good luck this week!

  2. That's unfair as you already know what happens. LOL

  3. can't wait...and your blog makes it even better!

  4. Good luck in your future. You will be missed.