Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jessie James Hoboken

So, in a "meeting of the minds" last night... Jessie James, an edgy and luxurious women's boutique, decided to begin a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION at their Hoboken store location.

We're not talking just a face-lift here, folks! The owner, Jessica Caulfield, is looking for something bold, something new, something innovative and fresh for her retail store. Jessica wants to give her shopper's the "experience" she knows they are longing for when they enter her store and she's ready to take chances!

We'll start by removing every rack in the ENTIRE STORE. Floors will be sanded down, aged, and sealed. All of the walls will get a fresh new coat of CHALK BOARD PAINT! That's right, ALL of the walls.... we're obsessed with the look and feel of this muted black and we know it will give the space a more intimate and cozy feel. Plus, when she has sales, wants to promote something, or feels the need to share a story with customers... she can simply write it on the wall with chalk! Not a "BRAND NEW" idea per se, but still a bold (and we think wonderful) choice for a retail store. We are excited to see the transformation! We'll top everything off with new custom industrial pipe racks and reclaimed wood shelving (you better believe Capsule Furniture is excited)! We can't wait to share the "before & after's" with you... but in the meantime, here are some inspirational photos to get your blood pumpin'.

Inspirational photos are from: Alkemie, House and Home, & sfgirlbybay


  1. Can't wait to see the transformation. Sounds awesome!!!

  2. what a great idea!! it would be so much fun to do in a kids room. i'd pull in some really bright colors to go with it....oh, and put a swing in the room. ;o)
    love it!

  3. I'm sure that whatever you do-- it will look amazing :) But--as a teacher with blackboard experience--the blackboard paint always seems like a good idea until you want to clean off the written chalk announcements and end up with the smoky "grayboard" murky look. Just sayin...