Wednesday, April 27, 2011

roadtrip- following a dream

Herman and Candelaria Zapp had a "dream" of driving around the world. Silly, right? Well, like you and I, everyone else thought they were crazy and would never "REALLY" attempt try to drive around the world.

To make matters worse, they wanted to do it in Herman's grandpa's original 1928, Detroit-made Graham Paige (Model 610). Needless to say, most of their family and friends thought that the Zapps would only make it a week or two, AT BEST!

ELEVEN YEARS and 145,ooo miles later, the Zapps are still burning up the road and following their dream together. The model 610 they set out in is still running like a top, although they have to avoid highways because it maxes out at 40 mph!

Here are a few photos of their amazing adventures together.

Here is a timeline and map of their first adventure starting in Argentina and ending in Alaska from 2000 to 2003.

But they didn't stop there, they've continued to Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Eleven years ago, the couple ALSO had another dream, to build a family together. So, they did.... ON THE ROAD!

Each of their four children was born in a different country:

Pampa, 8, in the United States.

Tehue, 5, in Argentina

Paloma, 3, in Canada

and little Wallaby, 1, in Australia
Pretty incredible.

....enjoy the journey.

.......follow your dreams.

......don't forget to laugh along the way!'s a big world, but ANYTHING is possible. inspired.

The Zapp family continues to travel the world in their car and encourage everyone they meet to "follow their dreams".

You can read more about the Zapp's and their travels by visiting their website-