Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is sprung.


We all know FRESH flowers can add that "final layer" of character and warmth to every space. I emphasize the word "fresh" because I ABSOLUTELY DETEST FAKE FLOWERS. I'm sorry, but they go against my morals. In fact, if you have some, send me a picture of you burning them or throwing them away and I'll send you $20 in the mail right now! haha

Anywho, I'm a HUGE fan of this spring bouquet of dogwood flowers, spirea, and wild cherry blossoms. They remind me of my childhood in Arkansas because these flowers are some of the VERY FIRST to bloom in the springtime, quickly followed by forsythia, buttercups, tulips and many more!

Honestly, dogwoods are one of my favorite trees. They stay relatively small, love shady woodland areas and are often tucked away near quiet streams, which make them a JOY to discover in the springtime! When most trees are just beginning to bud-out, the dogwood has beautiful white (and sometimes pink) flowers that blossom from the tips of every branch. The flowers don't last long, and before you know it, these dainty trees quickly blend in with the rest of the forest. But, their short lived beauty is a sight to behold in early spring when the air is still crisp. And, they symbolize the coming of a refreshing new season of warmth, energy, reproduction, and progression in the months to follow.

Check out this SUPER SIMPLE, but amazing bouquet that ANYONE can make with fresh cuttings from your local FOREST! haha Seriously though, a lot of this stuff is offered locally in New York at markets, flower shops and boutique garden centers, but for those of you in more rural areas, it is TOTALLY ACCESSIBLE for free (and a few snippets from any tree is not going to limit their growth later in the year or damage them in any way).

Simplicity is KING throughout this design:
1. A rustic natural wood basket or container
2. Liners, bowls, vases (or tupperware containers) to put water in
3. Chicken wire (to help secure and support each branch used in the bouquet)
4. Moss as a beautiful covering for the top of the basket and to hide your water containers

Once the base is set up, it's as simple as adding as many flowering branches as you want and arranging them the way you want them!

It's obvious that this large bouquet can add interest, style, charm, and a pop of life and color to any space. But, smaller flower arrangements work just as well; especially when grouped together or placed near a major focal point in the room (i.e. fireplace, coffee table, shelving unit, etc.)

Enjoy your spring in the great outdoors, but look for ways to enjoy the subtle beauties and symbolism INSIDE OF YOUR HOME as well!

Love y'all!


Photo link here.

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