Monday, May 5, 2014


As year 7 (although it seems like yesterday) approaches since my dad, Rick Faires, went to be with the Lord, I can’t help but reflect as I am slowly learning the blessings and trials of becoming a father myself.  A love I never knew, a responsibility I never felt, a new passion for life and a yearning in my heart to do everything in my power to bring a smile to my boy’s face. 

The concept of leaving a legacy means many different things to different people.  To me, it lies in the simplest of things in life. The moments when I find myself “doing what my father did” without even thinking about it and realizing later that I had a pretty good teacher.  I’m not saying I’m a perfect Dad, I’m far from it.  My Dad wasn’t perfect either, and he was pretty transparent with us about that.  But, for the most part I’m blessed by his unfailing example of love.  Dad had a way of letting us know how much he cared about us, most of the time without saying anything at all. 

Dad, the shoes you left me to fill are still too big, thank you for that.  I used to be sad thinking about how my children wouldn’t get to “know who you are”.  Now I realize that they know you much deeper than I ever expected.  I guess I couldn’t grasp how this “dad” and “family” thing really worked until I heard that first cry.   My new understanding is that they feel your love everyday and they will continue to feel it until I join you in clouds, and then they’ll pass that same love along.

Miss you daily, but also feel you right here by my side, daily.


  1. Love this, Dan - and glad to see you blogging! :) Great post.

  2. Powerful and precious. I met Mrs. Jean Ann the fall after your father transitioned-- her words were always filled with love and honor for your father...from that, I could tell his children held the same love and honor....
    My father passed several years ago, and I too,often thought, "I wish my 'one day' children" would have the chance to know him...", but thank you for the insight, they will know him... through powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very moving and well written words about a man I was blessed to have as a friend. Dan, you are well on your way to filling those shoes!