Monday, May 12, 2014

Embracing the Pride of Fatherhood

Photo courtesy of Maura Dawn Photography.

Tonight I had a bit of an epiphany after having dinner with friends who are in a bit of a similar situation. 

You see, I recently made a list of goals for myself and undoubtedly being a "good dad" was at the VERY top of that list.

So why am I embarrassed to admit in a social setting that staying home with my son is a role that I've embraced?  Because I haven't embraced it.   

It's funny because I'd rather brag about the work I'm juggling in between naps or at night while Boone is asleep, and less proud of the fact that most of my day is filled with 100% one on one quality time with my son. 

Fact 1:  my wife is a driven woman with her dream job and a steady income. 
Fact 2:  I am capable of getting a job that would easily supplement our income and ultimately support our family.
Fact 3:  I'm blessed to know what it means to spend countless hours with a kid that I adore more than anything on the face of this earth who is a sponge and clings to my every word and emotion.

It's as if I've finally realized that many (in face MOST) fathers simply don't have this opportunity.  It's two-fold because it requires me embracing a role that's not deemed natural STILL in the society we live in and it also requires an understanding that my wife is indeed the breadwinner in our household.... both tough pills to swallow.

I feel like I need to infuse some sort of statement about this first quarter being the most profitable I've experienced, ever.  Call it insecurity, pride, or merely my competitive spirit, but it's as if the TOP goal on my list quickly dropped for some odd reason.

The fact of the matter is, I should be less proud of my fiscal contribution and embrace the idea that I am "providing" for my family in a way that is much more valuable than any amount of money could ever be worth.

I don't judge working mothers or envy fathers who provide for there families. I HIGHLY respect single parents and parents who manage to raise multiple children.  I had NO EARTHLY IDEA how hard it was to raise a kid until I became a parent myself.  Mom, Dad, I sure do love ya.  In fact, I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who spends day in and day out working with children (teachers seriously have a special place in heaven). 

Anyways, quite frankly I'm happy, my wife and son are happy and healthy, so what more could a guy ask for?

I don't know how long I will have the opportunity to be a "stay at home dad", so I think from this day forward, I'll choose to embrace what it is, be thankful for the special time together, and enjoy every minute of it ... with pride.


  1. Way to go friend, you rock! What a special family y'all have.

  2. This is why you're so awesome.

  3. Amazing post. Lucky kid too. xx dan!