Thursday, June 24, 2010

Proud to be an American!

Let's face it... Red, white, and blue are TOUGH to pull off in any home decor. But, with World Cup fever heavily upon us and the 4th of July quickly approaching... we MUST show our patriotism! Here are a few "tastefully" patriotic rooms we found from Freshome. Granted they're a bit country... but we like country too as long as it's not gaudy!

Okay, so we snuck a few in there that don't exactly scream "U.S.A.". But who said that subtle hints of patriotism can't be just as appreciated as American flag towels hanging from your oven!

So, congrats to the US Men's team for qualifying 1st in their division... Landon Donovan's goal was inspiring to say the least! In fact, a good buddy of Capsule furniture's has recently received a lot of publicity for his reaction to the game winning goal.. and we feel it's appropriate for our bloggers to enjoy as well! Let us know what you think of Nathan Jones's patriotism!


  1. Tim and I just acquired three huge flags (the largest being 18 ft X 30 ft)!!!!! We can't wait to figure out where and how to use them. I keep hoping some rock star will hire me to decorate their home or their stage!! :) haha

  2. When Warren and I get the building done the living room will have an Americana theme. I plan on having a family wall of heroes. I am currently on a mission to get a picture of all family members of ours that have served in the military..and there are a lot (at least on my side). It will also be a place to display some of Warren's awards and coins. Plus we bought a cool glass head at an antique store in Georgia for his Drill hat.

  3. Love the Americana look and subject. Check out Donna Lawson Frederick and