Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cottage Dwellings

I thought it would be most appropriate to begin my journey into the blogosphere by paying homage to my time spent in a 100 square foot compact cabin otherwise known as a storage shed with windows. That's right folks, many a day and night spent in a tiny storage shed on Coleman Road in Gulfport Mississippi, helped shape me into the minimalist man I am today. I don't need much to survive and may find myself in a similar situation in the future. I can only hope that I'll step it up a bit and my storage shed will be as sleek and stylish as these tiny little humble abodes found on trendir.com.


  1. if only you trailer looked like that...You had the Trudster and you holed up in a single wide. S-4-P

  2. i'd like to hear more about that making a storage shed into cabin for summer getaways.

  3. Wish there were inside pictures.