Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stairways to Heaven!

On a much needed trip to PA this weekend to get away, we stumbled upon some books that brought back the kid in us! Aside from creating a home inside of a silo, this ranks #2 on my list of things I want to build before I die!

You can find the pictures in the following books:
"Exceptional Treehouses" by Alain Laurens, "Treehouses of the World" and "Treehouses" by Peter Nelson


  1. yes please. i'll take one. a treehouse, that is. i'm in love. i recently had a dream that i lived in a treehouse, and had to walk up 232 stairs to get to my front door. i had an amazing view of fayetteville. not nyc, but at least i had more trees. ;o)

  2. love this post. too bac pics are so small.
    are they clickable.
    Did you see lord of the rings and the forest of the elves. I absolutely loved that stair winding around the tree going up. I would like to see a take off of a home or landscape like that.
    Love some of those interiors too. Unique i love.
    Even in that avatar movie, there was hint of such with their stairs.

    Keep it up,, I'm loving your blog.