Friday, June 25, 2010

Design Star 5: Episode 3

On top of the world! haha FOR A MILLISECOND! Welcome to round 3: The "outdoor challenge".... inspired by music? Yeah... it was tough, are you kidding!?!?

Last week we saw Nina and Tera on the chopping block and it was INTENSE! Not sure which gal you wanted to see go home, but I have to agree with the judges' decision on this one!

Tera is a DOLL and although I know she had the talent to go much further in this competition.. this week's challenge was difficult and "the shark got the dolphin" as Emily would put it!

So, the girls learned a HARD lesson and Vern put the fear of God in them to say the least!!! How will they react? What is the boys team thinking? Probably... get me to the next challenge, we're on cloud 9!

As Vern introduces the challenge... we're all engaged, captivated by the scenery... but also staring @ a group of seamingly talented musicians! Is this a joke? Our own private concert with a bird's eye view of Manhattan? Not so fast!!!
Music = inspiration = challenge!

Venetian orange plaster from the color God?
Finger pointing design techniques?
Long stares, deep sighs, and A LOT of sweating!

I'll let the pictures do the talking... The question is, will Nina try to throw anyone under the bus this week??? Not this guy! haha

Enjoy watching Episode 3 of HGTV Design Star Season 5. Sunday @ 10 ET! And don't forget to vote for Dan Faires!!! A little self-promotion never hurt anyone, did it? Love you guys!


  1. Dan,
    I was excited to come across your comment on Emily's blog! Could you BE any nicer and more refreshing! I'm fairly new to the blogosphere but would love to have a chance to interview you via email and feature you and some of your work on Ohmigosh!. Remember what it was like to be one of "the little people"? ;) Come on...let me talk about how amaing you are and give you some free promotion! Hope to hear from you and make sure to check out my review of the episodes every Monday! :)

    Have a great day,