Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kaspar Hamacher

Meet Kaspar Hamacher... a man after my own heart! A Belgian man, now with a design studio in Brussels, he is a well studied artisan. One of my friends forwarded me this link and although I feel there are some conceptual similarities between his work and Capsule Furniture... I am blown away by the artistry, creativity and simplicity of his designs.

Kaspar Hamacher understands that the beauty of nature simply cannot be replicated, and that such qualities when displayed properly become a true art form. The natural warmth and texture of the wood is evident in each of his pieces, however, he still addresses function and ingenuity in his design.

For more info and inspiration from Kaspar's website, click on this link.


  1. I love the creativity. However, the piece you show me is visually bothering me cause inspite of the balance it must have, it makes me think it may tobble. Only cause the look goes against the nature of tables I am used to seeing. Straight legs hold up tables. So I could not handel that piece. I love the other side of it. It makes me think french design by it's shape.

    Love the look of raw wood likt that too.
    I hope he has great sucess.


    -thought you might like this home inspiration- check out gigi's portfolio- reminds me of you