Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Arkansas Gem

I know, I know; you're all waiting for pictures of the wedding and pictures of the recently renovated Jessie James store! Well, hold your horses! I am waiting on photographers to finish editing photos and I do not want to rush them because I respect their art and their profession!

Moving on, I had the privilege while I was back in Arkansas to visit a home recently constructed by Parkinson Building Group in Little Rock. Man, was I impressed. Although the home isn't "exactly" my style, I couldn't help but admire the quality of craftsmanship throughout the home. I took a ton of photos, and I want to share a few of them with you because I am in awe of the unique custom finishes and the use of reclaimed materials in this brand new home. It sits at the end of a cul-de-sac high on the hill in a new premier luxury development on the outskirts of West Little Rock called Waterview Estates.

Bill Parkinson is one of just a few, well known and highly respected, developers in the area who were chosen to partner in developing this untouched land with unbelievable views and luxuries that make it seem like it's own little community. Bill has years of knowledge and experience in homebuilding and his most recent masterpiece is nothing short of spectacular!

There are many features that make this home uniquely charming and some of my favorites are:

1) the kitchen cabinets custom made with reclaimed shutters as doors!
2) the consistent use of archways throughout the home that pull everything together.
3) the stained concrete floors
4) the use of rustic materials throughout- from lighting, to brickwork, to hand hewn beams on the ceiling!
5) the WIDE OPEN layout of the kitchen, dining and living room areas. The house has great flow and lures you in a new direction every time you turn around!
6) the shower (with dual entrances) tucked behind a centered wall with a clawfoot tub in front and a chandelier above! The whole master bath gives you a spa feeling, which is what we ALL wish for in a bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! This is just a small sample of the extraordinary work that Parkinson Building Group has done all over the state of Arkansas. If you missed the link earlier to Bill Parkinson's website, click here for more information.


  1. I'm going to pretend to be happy that you posted this when instead I was waiting on photos of other things. LOL JK It is a very nice home but Arkansas is quite a ways from California. My kitchen needs remodeling too and apparently my yard. :-)

  2. Hey Dan! My dad went in with Bill to develop this area and is about to build a house there. Thanks for posting pics! Your work is awesome by the way and congrats on the marriage!

  3. Hey Dan! You did an awesome job on these pictures showcasing the fabulous features in this home. I'm a designer and good friend and am working with Bill and Jess on their home. We had a blast sourcing the lighting and reclaimed materials that went into so many of the unique spaces. It's only going to get better. Bill is an awesome builder and he and Jessica are a dream to work with. Congrats on your recent marriage.

  4. Great post! The house is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Well deserved recognition for Bill and his quality work. His blog brought me to your blog...and now I'll be a regular visitor :)
    You'll have to visit our blog and web site this fall as well--we're publishing a wonderful project Bill and his team built, designer Mona Thompson's gorgeous LR home.

  6. Thank you for showcasing the wonderful talent we have here in LR. From the crosses in the windows, the arches - what fabulous pictures of the custom details! Just like Diane from @ At Home in Arkansas, I found your blog thru Bill's blog. Bill, Mona & Diane - all talented people and a pleasure to work with. Will be back to your blog for more.