Thursday, August 12, 2010

Re-designing Jessie James Hoboken

The transformation is over and what a JOY it was to make-over Jessie James in Hoboken. Everyone associated with this store made me feel like part of the family and I enjoyed the hugs, smiling faces, and sheer happiness revolving around this store everyday! The four year anniversary of Jessie James Hoboken is coming up soon and I believe the simple morale surrounding the place is one of the many reasons why Jessica Caulfield's store has been so successful. Jessica surrounds herself with positive people and wants every customer who enters her store to be part of "an experience that will inspire them to come back." Her clothing speaks for itself, but Jessica wanted the environment surrounding her customer to match the experience and the vision she foresaw. Hence the MAJOR TRANSFORMATION!

Here are the before shots of Jessie James Hoboken:

Now, please enjoy the after shots courtesy of Rachel Luyster Photography and let us know what you think! To contact Rachel about doing a shoot, please e-mail her:

This first picture is an action shot of Jessica and I discussing when she wants to re-do her other store in the West Village of New York! haha

For more information about Jessie James click here!


  1. OMG: Dan. It's gorgeous. I especial love the mirror..I am assuming you made that. and the shelving is way cool. I am linking this to my blog! J

  2. Dan! I am slightly obsessed with all the rope detail, you did an amazing job.


  3. Dan it is Gorgeous. Totally drooling over all the mannequins. I wanna do one in glass.

    Anyway love the dark walls and the use of found objects for an element of surprise.

    Very very nice.


  4. Honestly this just looks so much more sophisticated and yet it is somewhere a man can walk into without feeling so feminine they have to get out in two minutes. It is a store where you want to go in and hang out a while. You want to search for the perfect outfit to wear while out and about. This looks awesome. I love the floor, love the rope, love the mirror & love, LOVE, LOVE the chalkboard paint walls. AWESOMENESS!

  5. really really really really really nice job. i love it. a lot.

  6. Amazing work. I espcially love the wooden shelving and hanging lights.