Monday, August 23, 2010

Congratulations Emily!

It's a wrap! Emily Starke Henderson is the very deserving winner of Design Star Season 5!

Emily is a sweet, fun-loving, humble person who can sew pillows faster than any seamstress on the Lower East Side! Her personality it contagious, her sarcasm hilarious, and her self-deprecation unnecessary. Her eclectic style is uniquely warm and inviting: a culmination of "found things", refinished-furniture mixed with bold patterns and textures and newer more modern elements. She hangs her hat on rooms that are aesthetically pleasing and seem to tell a story all their own.

I'm already excited to see her new show. The title embodies everything I would expect from Emily. As a stylist, Emily has an eye for the minor details that put the finishing touches on any space. In design it is easy to get bogged down with the "big picture" and forget to pay attention to the "final details" that make a space unique and make it personal to the client.

It was clear, in the short time I spent with her on the show, that Emily has a real talent for picking out and pairing beautiful things. She knows how to combine crazy patterns, vibrant colors, and wonderful textures in a effortless way to make a space feel comfortable and lived in. Every detail matters and it is evident in Emily's style. Her favorite color, blue, also always finds a way to sneak into her design and it's fitting that her show title also would be BLUE! HAHA

Anyways, congratulations Emily! You are a very talented and humble stylist and designer. I am anxious to see your show provide a fresh new sense of eclectic style and inspiration to HGTV!

If you haven't seen Emily's blog, check out The Brass Petal when you get a chance, it's AMAZING!


  1. No one can touch your Southern charm, your warm personality & your humbling manner. Never a sore loser & always having a genuinely happy disposition make you our favorite. Don't give up on your dream because you will go places. Wait and see. This congrats to Emily couldn't be more accurate and sincere.

  2. What kind sentiments about Emily. A true winner is one that can be so generous with their praise to someone with whom they've been in competition with. To me that makes someone life's biggest winner. I agree with Courtney, don't give up on your dream, it's just around the corner.

    Cheers to Emily & cheers to you ~