Saturday, October 2, 2010

Build a tree!

So, I've been commissioned to build two life-size trees for K9dergarten, a doggy daycare, in Jersey City, NJ.

Designing and drawing a 3D structure is one thing, but actually building it can provide it's own unique set of challenges. How do you make a 10 ft tree with an 8ft canopy when the standard piece of plywood is only 4' X 8'? Keep in mind, that this is for a retail space, so it needs to be structurally sound and aesthetically "seamless".

First things first, build a scaled model on a lazy Saturday morning, so you are certain that the ideas in your head and on paper WILL ACTUALLY WORK! haha

After cutting down card-stock to scale, (based upon using 4 - 4'X8' pieces of 3/4'' finished plywood) here is the "model tree" that I've come up with. Once the bases are constructed, the trees will be topped with light-weight foam board foliage!

Step 1: Design and label each 4'X8' sheet with notches so that each piece will slide together to create a sturdy base that creates a 3-dimensional 'T' for support on all sides.

Step 2: Sketch the "trunks" and "canopies" on their respective labeled pieces.

Step 3: Assemble entire sheets together to ensure that all trunks and branches align, and that all notches are perfect for final assembly.

Step 4: Cut-out respective "trunks" and "canopies".

Step 5: Assemble model and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Let me know what you think! Life-size follow-up pictures will be soon to follow.

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  1. Where's the paint? That's totally cool. Now if I could convince HGTV to allow you in California. Then again that would mean competition for their new star. Oh well.